I’ve been at work on something a bit different — a non-fiction book instead of a novel. I’m writing it with a co-author, the wise and multi-talented Mary Schramski. And we’re going to self-publish it. The book is called HAPPINESS REHAB: 8 Creative Steps to a More Joyful Life and in it we discuss the connection between happiness and creativity and attempt to help readers find more balance in their lives through tapping into their natural creative instincts. It is constructed like a workshop, with lots of fun and revealing exercises.

We need your help! We’re considering a couple of different covers for the book, and we like them both so much that we’re having a difficult time choosing between the two. I’m posting them here and I’d love you to vote on the one you like best. Choose the one that catches your eye the most, the one you’d be most inclined to pick up in a bookstore to see what it’s about. Leave a comment below with your vote, and next friday 10 voters will be chosen in a random drawing to win either one of my books (your choice) or a $5 Barnes and Noble gift certificate.

Here are the covers:

Cover Candidate #1




Cover Candidate #2

Please let me know what you think!



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