In addition to writing my own stories, I own a writing and editing business, Archer Editing & Writing Services, with my son. As the name of our business implies, we offer a variety of editing and writing services for clients. Take a look at our website to see what we do. In recent months, we’ve also started coaching writers on a limited basis — so limited that you won’t find that service (yet!) on our website. We mainly coach on a referral basis. But it has been such a successful undertaking for me and for my clients — and one I really enjoy — that I’ve decided to take on more clients.

So who can benefit from hiring a writing coach? Someone who has a story to tell, but who doesn’t have the confidence, skill, or knowledge to begin to write it. Someone already working on a book who needs guidance or encouragement to move forward. Someone who wants regular feedback on their writing from an experienced writer and editor. Someone who needs help planning a writing project and setting goals. Someone who needs to be held accountable in order to meet their writing goals.

If one or all of these sound like you, I’d love to visit with you about your writing needs. Here’s what my client, Rachel, has to say about her coaching experience with me:

“Jennifer is an extremely knowledgeable and supportive writing coach. During our time of working together, Jennifer provided me with helpful tools and techniques to improve my writing. She also supported me through weekly accountability check-ins and emails to focus on meeting my personalized writing objectives.

I highly recommend hiring Jennifer as a writing coach, whether it is to gain further confidence in your writing, establish consistent writing habits, polish your writing style, or are in the process of writing a book!” -Rachel Yolland

I love my clients! If you’re serious about your writing and coaching sounds like something you’d like to explore, I would love to hear about your writing project and see if we might be a good fit to work together. You can contact me at about coaching at

Happy Writing!



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