The Me I Used To Be

The Me I Used To Be coverThat Was Then

Me, Allyson Cole. Age sixteen. Living in the world of endless summers, of going wherever you wanted. And yes, my parents may have worried that I was riding into trouble — but I was young and in love, and growing up was something I had to do….

And This Is Now

Me, again. Allyson Cole. This time, age fifty-one. I have everything I always wanted — almost. I don’t have him…and I don’t have me. Now’s the time to find what I lost. To do that, I have to hit the road, and find the father of my child. And start a journey I never could have anticipated…

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The Me I Used to Be …examines the powerful pull of old love . . . all the main characters are vividly brought to life as they struggle to balance past and present.” – Romantic Times Book Reviews


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