My Perfectly Imperfect Life

My Perfectly Imperfect Life Book CoverSURPRISE!

If she needed a reminder of how different life was from her mother’s favorite happily-ever-after movies, Dinah Dewberry got one on her fortieth birthday. That’s when she found the black 42-double-D bra in her husband’s pants pocket. Dinah was barely a B.

And as Dinah raged about the other woman, her estranged sister, Dottie, arrived on her doorstep. Dottie was pregnant, and had a favor to ask–would Dinah raise the child?

Craving a baby–and a shoulder to cry on–Dinah opened up to her long-lost, hard-living sister. And Dottie’s unconventional life came in handy tracking down the mystery lingerie’s owner… To a drag club! But by then, Dinah and Dottie had made the most important discovery of all–sisterhood is powerful.

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” . . . a highly emotional story about sisters learning to see each other and the past through adult eyes. Humor counterbalances the angst, and the sisters spring vividly to life.” – Romantic Times Book Reviews


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