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 The Shadow Girl

 “An emotional thrill ride…There’s a great twist at the end that when I looked back made perfect sense – yet I never saw it coming.” – A.G. Howard, NYTimes Bestselling Author of the Splintered Series

 “…a nicely paced reveal of Lily’s mystery…” – Kirkus 


For as long as Lily Winston can remember, she has never been alone. Iris, a shadowy figure who mimics Lily’s movements and whispers in her ear, is with her always — but invisible to the rest of the world. Iris is Lily’s secret. But when Lily’s father is killed in a tragic accident, his cryptic final words suggest that he and Lily’s mother have been keeping secrets of their own. Suddenly, Iris begins pushing Lily more than ever, possessing her thoughts and urging her to put together the pieces of a strange puzzle her father left behind. As she searches for answers, Lily finds herself drawn to Ty Collier, a mysterious new boy in town. Together, Lily and Ty must untangle a web of deception to discover the truth about her family, Iris, and Lily’s own identity.  


Through Her Eyes

“…an evocative and unusual ghost story. Archer gracefully weaves together the contemporary and historical into an eerie mystery, while examining relationships, reality, and the power of the mind.” – Publishers Weekly

 “This inventive ghost story mixes eerie suspense with time travel…a supernatural tale with depth and originality.” – Kirkus

 “The quirky characters; romantic triangles, both past and present; and ghosts and haunted houses make for a winning, mixed-genre offering that’s sure to attract a wide audience of teen readers.”- Booklist

Every ghost has a story…

The last place Tansy Piper wants to be is stuck in Cedar Canyon, Texas, in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of small-town kids. But when her mother decides to move to the desolate West Texas town, Tansy has no choice but to go along. Once there, she is immediately drawn to the turret of their rickety old house, a place she soon learns has a disturbing history. But it’s the strange artifacts she finds in the cellar—a pocket watch, a journal of poetry, and a tiny crystal—that have the most chilling impact on her. Tansy soon finds herself lured into the mind and world of mysterious, troubled Henry, who died sixty years earlier. Through the lens of her camera, she becomes part of a surreal black and white realm where her life is intertwined with his–linked by fate and the artifacts she found. But as Tansy begins spending more and more time in the past, her present world starts to fade away, and she realizes she must untangle herself from Henry’s dangerous reality before she loses touch with her own life forever.


Spark A Little Flame

Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy – Book One

“…passionate & funny…I loved Rosy.” – Ellen Micheletti, All About Romance  

A fun and clever laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from award-winning author & Rita finalist Jennifer Archer…
J.T. Drake: It’s not easy to seduce a woman who can’t see me. But if I weren’t invisible, prim and proper Rosy Peabody would probably have even less of an interest in me. At least as her science experiment, I have her undivided attention and unlimited opportunities to try to win her affection . . . or to at least make her blush that pretty shade of pink that tells me I’ve sparked her temper. So maybe I shouldn’t be in such a hurry to have my image restored . . .
Rosy Peabody: It’s not easy to ignore my tingling nerve-endings whenever J.T. and I touch. I keep telling myself that they’re only the after-effects of his electrified state, but lately, just the thought of him provokes the same reaction in me. I wouldn’t give a cocky guy like J.T. a moment of my time if not for the fact that I’m partially responsible for his condition . . . and quite possibly the only person capable of reversing it. And now I can’t help wondering . . . if J.T. ever materializes, will our sizzling chemistry disappear . . . or spark a little flame?


Dream A Little Dream

Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy – Book Two

By the time Alex Simon moves in next door, I’m convinced I’m going crazy. I keep dreaming I live in the late 1800s, wear a bustle & carry a parasol, and I’m trying to break the family curse with the help of a sexy Old West James Bond-type known as The Gambler. In real life, I want to meet the man of my dreams, not a man in my dreams – but my midnight fantasy lover looks disturbingly like my new neighbor, Alex Simon, even though he dreams started before we met.

Too bad Alex is nothing like The Gambler in any other way. He & his little devil feline cause my pup & me constant distress; Alex has a crippling mistrust of women, & his cat loves nothing more than taunting canines. But thanks to what some call my “irrational superstitions,” I’m confined to my property, & I live so close to Alex I can’t avoid him, even in my sleep. And I do want to avoid him; at least I did until I shot him out of my tree with a slingshot. When he fell at my feet, I fell, too – for him. Suddenly, anything seems possible. Even that Alex & I might be having the same dreams…& that we might save each other.


Make A Little Wish

Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy – Book Three

When I made a wish to switch lives with the twenty-something college student who works for my husband, I wasn’t being literal. So, imagine my shock when I looked in the mirror and saw Tory Beecham’s blue eyes staring back at me. Somehow, fortune granted me Tory’s head-turning, jaw-dropping body, and in return she got . . . mine.

But as eager young men try to win my attention, only one guy piques my interest. He has intelligent eyes and a sexy, caring smile; but he’s married – to me, or rather the woman I used to be, – and he thinks he’s falling in love with Tory, unaware that inside her body it’s me he’s drawn to. Now, the only thing that matters is finding a way to reverse the results of my careless wish and return to the life – and the husband and kids – I once took for granted . . .


Be My Little Baby

Make A Little Magic Romantic Comedy – Book Four

A funny romance novella about the ultimate unplanned pregnancy featuring the characters Tory Beecham & Dillon Todd from Make A Little Wish.

When I wished that my husband, Dillon, could experience my life firsthand, I never imagined that the wish would be granted or that there’d be a wild twist: Not only is Dillon in my pregnant body, I’m in his male one! To change back, we must come to a mutual understanding. But can we reach it before our baby’s due date? Or will Dillon’s worst fear of going into labor come true?



“Archer captures the voices and vulnerabilities of her characters with precision.” –Publisher’s Weekly    

What’s a fortyish woman to do if
Her free-spirited elderly mom’s moving in, her previously do-gooder teenage daughter’s sneaking out, her prize-winning stud bulldog can’t get it on, and her soon-to-be ex-husband can’t get his mind off girls half his age?
A. have nervous breakdown
B. run away
C. eat massive quantities of ice cream
D. see a counselor
CiCi Dupree chooses C. She doesn’t have time for a breakdown, can’t afford to run away and she is a counselor. But when CiCi fears her daughter—and even her widowed mother—are repeating her mistakes, she realizes she has to do something. Her family ties might be a bit frayed, but they still bind.


Take A Little Risk

A Cute Meet Novella

A girl shouldn’t need to engage in crazy antics to gain her fiancé’s attention, but here I am . . . leaving the resort and hoping James follows . . . walking along this beach at night . . . stopping under a palm tree . . . stripping down to my toenail polish and plunging into the ocean. Which so isn’t me. I’m dull and uptight according to James – at least since we’ve been on this island to compete in this ridiculous reality TV show.

I’ve always known that risks come with consequences – this one being that, just as I emerge from the water, the electricity all over the island goes out, leaving me stranded . . . blind and cowering in the sand… soaked and shivering and naked. Plus, the guy who followed me isn’t my fiancé; he’s a stranger named Mitch, and it’s so dark we can’t see each other, which is lucky for me since I can’t find my swimsuit. I would’ve never guessed that I could be attracted to a man without seeing him. But I find myself hoping James doesn’t show up, that the lights stay off, and that taking one more little risk is exactly what I need to do.


Off Her Rocker

“Off Her Rocker” is a nice change from revenge plots, and erotica and vampires.  (Jennifer Archer) manage(s) to make the plot move along without resorting to outlandish characters, bizarre behavior or too hackneyed a plot.” –Dear Author

Enjoy every minute you have with them. Tomorrow they’ll be grown. Twenty years ago Dana Logan reacted to this statement as any new mother would—with disbelief. Tomorrow? Didn’t the years stretch ahead like a long, sunny road…with no end in sight? Well, Dana’s just fallen into that end. Hard. It’s as if her whole life has been a prep course—only, without warning, they’ve canceled the test. Her children don’t seem to need anything she is able to give anymore, so she’ll just have to find someone who does, even if she has to drive into hell to do it. Judging by the sign she just passed—”Welcome to Hell. Population 512″—she already has….


More Than Words Volume 4: An Anthology 

You might meet them at the coffee shop, the grocery store, or walking down the street. They’re women across North America committed to reaching out and changing lives one good deed at a time. Five of these exceptional women have been selected as this year’s recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award. And once again five New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real-life heroines. We hope More Than Words will touch your heart and inspire the heroine living inside you. Stories included are: QUEEN OF THE RODEO by Linda Lael Miller, BLACK TIE AND PROMISES by Sherryl Woods, PLACE IN THIS WORLD by Curtis Ann Matlock, HANNAH’S HUGS by Jennifer Archer, STEP BY STEP by Kathleen O’Brien.  


Happiness Rehab: 8 Creative Steps to a More Joyful Life

Maybe you’ve asked yourself: Where can I find happiness? 
Or perhaps you’ve wondered: How can I be more creative? 
What if the answer to both questions is intertwined? What if happiness awaits you if you choose to be creative? What if you discover a creative passion that forever changes your life for the better? In Happiness Rehab: 8 Creative Steps to a More Joyful Life, experts Jennifer Archer and Mary Schramski guide readers through an innovative yet practical workshop to discover their creativity/happiness connection. This fun and challenging program asks participants to trust in their innate ability to reclaim their childhood imagination, curiosity and enthusiasm for life, and answers the questions: What is innovation? Can it help me find happiness? Artists, writers and virtually anyone wanting to tap into their imaginative power will benefit from this step-by-step journey toward inspired fulfillment.

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